Mix of the Week – 030714

Duchess DJs

Lazy Genius hasn’t lost its love of Liverpool, but we’re now knocking about in the wonderful city of Bristol more often than not. With that in mind, and our mandate for supporting all things local, underground and up and coming, this week’s mix of the week comes from Bristol based female duo Duchess DJs and … Read more

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5 reasons I’m glad I’m not going to Glastonbury (2014)

File photo dated 27/06/2003 showing an aerial view of the pyramid stage and surrounding tents at the Glastonbury Festival. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Tuesday January 8, 2008. Revellers hoping for a ticket to this summer's festival will have to register their interest next month, organiser Michael Eavis announced today. See PA story ARTS Glastonbury. Photo credit should read: PA Wire

You may remember that last year we expressed our gratitude at NOT being at Glastonbury… well as the greatest festival in the world kicks off and the usual hype and excitement ensues, we thoughts we’d look at again at why we’re not actually that disappointed to not be there. Editor Tom gives his reasoning behind … Read more

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5 reasons I’m glad I’m not at Glastonbury

This weekend it feels like just about every man, woman and their pop up tent is at Glastonbury. After the usual downpours over the first few days accompanied by heavy winds; sunshine has broken through and a glorious weekend has emerged. With The Artic Monkeys headlining last night and The Rolling Stones set for a historic headline set tonight, all of this should make for intense jealously amongst people like myself. The last week has basically seen my friends (and people on my Facebook who aren’t really my friends) split right down the middle between those who are going to Glastonbury, and those who wish they were.

However, fear not those who aren’t sunning themselves on Pilton Farm this weekend, as without an ounce of bitterness or facetiousness, I have decided that I’m quite happy NOT to be at Glastonbury this weekend. And here’s why…

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