Why I’m Voting Lib Dem


In a continuation of our recent opinion series leading up to the election, Guy Austin tell us why he will be voting Liberal Democrat on the 7th of May 2015… I’m voting Lib Dem.  It’s a fudge, a compromise.  I’d prefer to spoil my ballot paper given what’s on offer, but, I know that if … Read more

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Why I’m Voting Green

Kieran Garrard

Continuing our series of opinion pieces around the Election on May the 7th where people we know and respect tell us who they are going to be voting for, Kieran Garrard, scouser, Liverpool fan and currently studying a Masters in International Relations and Security tells us why he is going to be voting Green… Why … Read more

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Why I’m Voting Conservative

rich crosby 2

For a new series of opinion pieces on Lazy Genius, we have asked a series of people who we know and respect to tell us who they are voting for in the Election on the 7th of May. For our first instalment we have asked Richard Crosby to explain why he is going to be … Read more

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