Summer Wardrobe – The Races


In the 2nd installment of my Summer Wardrobe series I thought I’d take a look at dressing for a day at the races. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to enjoy a little jolly to Newbury races with some good friends and as well as some first class racing on display, there was … Read more

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Top 15 Trainers for 2015

adidas featured image

You know how much we love our trainers here at Lazy Genius so The Gentleman Casual has put together his picks for 2015 and what his wishlist for what he’ll be wearing on the terraces, whether that be sun soaked or beer soaked ones. All our picks are currently available, we haven’t included any pre-releases but … Read more

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Wonderful Webs – Bern OG

Bern OG

We thought we would continue our ‘Wonderful Webs’ posts – this time we’re enthusing over the exciting and much anticipated re-issue of the Bern OG from adidas Originals. During the mid-80s, adidas released the “City Series”, moving away from specific performance trainers to lifestyle and leisure. This series really kick started the casuals movement, as … Read more

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5 Favourite Winter Jackets & Coats

You may remember my post a little while ago about my search for a new lightweight jacket in the aftermath of losing a real favourite whilst on a French Martini filled night in Liverpool. Well it’s got to that time of year where I’m thinking about investing in a decent Winter coat or jacket. I … Read more

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Wonderful Webs


For those of you not familiar with coloquial ‘scouse’ the term ‘webs’ is affectionate slang for a decent pair of trainers. I thought it appropriate then to use such a term when looking at a new Adidas release that have really caught the eye. I struggle to stray far from the 3 stripes, (although I … Read more

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5 summer fashion Faux Pas all men should avoid…


The British summer can be a wonderful time, but it can also be hellish. The British aren’t all that accustomed to dealing with the sun, and that can often lead to rather stomach churning acts of male fashion. If you consider yourself at all stylish, here is a quick fire guide to a few fashion … Read more

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Summer Trend – Bucket Hats

adidas bucket

Anyone with an eye for decent clobber will probably have noticed that it looks increasingly likely that bucket hats will feature heavily amongst the more casual minded and well dressed of us this summer. The 90s are coming back, and that is no bad thing… slightly oversized sports casual T-Shirts, polo shirts, decent trainers and … Read more

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The New Jacket Dilemma


It’s been some time since my last post… Christmas to be exact, I did warn you that they would be sporadic. Anyway, I have been compelled into writing this piece after a terrible occurrence… a little while ago I lost my beloved Banana Republic light waterproof jacket. Full of lager and Blood & Sands and enjoying myself in the delightful 81Ltd in Liverpool (you should check it out) I misplaced this beloved garment.

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5 Christmas Jumpers Suitable for a Casual Gentleman

We know what time of year it is… and we know what that means. Rampant consumerism; pseudo religious populism; mulled wine which we all pretend to like, but no does and if we’re lucky a drunken fumble at the Christmas party. It also means – novelty Christmas Jumpers. The 13th of December sees the country … Read more

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5 Brands a True Gentleman Should Never Be Seen In

I make no pretence about being an immensely snobby and critical sort of chap when it comes to other people’s dress sense. I happily make wild aspersions on people I have never spoken to, sat metres away from me in pubs or on trains, based on their misguided or down right ridiculous dress sense. Do … Read more

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