An ode to the Indie Disco

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I was driving to work when it happened. It came on and boom! It hit me. You! Me! Dancing! by Los Campanisos. Do do do do do do de de de de de do. Suddenly it all came flooding back. Putting my best FCUK shirt on. Topman trilby. Ripped jeans and pointy shoes. Windows media … Read more

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The EU Referendum: Leave or Remain?

Flag of EU

by @KieranGarrard It seems like many people are baffled by which way to vote in the EU referendum. Neither the Remain or Leave campaigns have done much to educate people on the subject. Instead both have sought to win the numbers game. We have been bombarded with migration statistics and economic forecasts, but we have … Read more

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The Rant #2 – Tough Mudder


Not long ago an E-Mail came round my workplace asking if anyone was interested in doing “Tough Mudder.” The suggestion being that we entered as a work team. The Email was from someone my senior and a person who I like and respect very much, so I replied with as much restraint as I possible … Read more

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Why I Love Techno

Jack Had A Groove - set image

I’m a late adopter in my love of Techno. Like many people my earliest memories of music came from my parents. I remember thinking my Dad had terrible taste in music with his Elvis records, 50s Rock n Roll and then the first CD he ever bought being Elton John. How the old always make … Read more

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Can Idris Elba save Superdry?


Those that know me well know that I despise Superdry. For me it is the epitome of generic, unimaginative and everyday high street fashion. Meaningless garish oriental characters splashed across dull and cheap looking coats worn by Barratt home residing, middle management types who watch top gear. Tedious hoodies worn by that bloke at University … Read more

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The Rant #1 – Brewdog


Last week in work me and my mate took the new lad out for lunch. Looking to do something a bit different and show him the brilliance of Bristol as a city, we popped along to Sanctum. A programme of non-stop performances and music for 24 days, 24 hours a day in a purpose built sustainable … Read more

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A Champagne Socialist And Proud


The term ‘champagne socialist’ gets bandied about a lot. Mainly as a negative slur levelled at affluent, well off or privileged people who dare to show any sign of compassion for their fellow man or a passion for equality and fairness. The slur is often thrown by other well off, privileged people who haven’t got … Read more

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The nature of money and debt


The Greek crisis has highlighted how little we as a society understand the nature of money and debt. There have been constant cries from commentators about how Greece borrowed money and therefore they must repay their debts. It is seen to be incumbent upon them: a measure of social responsibility; an obligation they are morally … Read more

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Why I’m Voting Lib Dem


In a continuation of our recent opinion series leading up to the election, Guy Austin tell us why he will be voting Liberal Democrat on the 7th of May 2015… I’m voting Lib Dem.  It’s a fudge, a compromise.  I’d prefer to spoil my ballot paper given what’s on offer, but, I know that if … Read more

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Why I’m Voting Green

Kieran Garrard

Continuing our series of opinion pieces around the Election on May the 7th where people we know and respect tell us who they are going to be voting for, Kieran Garrard, scouser, Liverpool fan and currently studying a Masters in International Relations and Security tells us why he is going to be voting Green… Why … Read more

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