The EU Referendum: Leave or Remain?

Flag of EU

by @KieranGarrard It seems like many people are baffled by which way to vote in the EU referendum. Neither the Remain or Leave campaigns have done much to educate people on the subject. Instead both have sought to win the numbers game. We have been bombarded with migration statistics and economic forecasts, but we have … Read more

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The nature of money and debt


The Greek crisis has highlighted how little we as a society understand the nature of money and debt. There have been constant cries from commentators about how Greece borrowed money and therefore they must repay their debts. It is seen to be incumbent upon them: a measure of social responsibility; an obligation they are morally … Read more

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A Few thoughts on ‘wealth creation’, inequality, and the Labour leadership


Andy Burnham: ‘Labour must always champion wealth creation, and show we understand that if we want high-skill, high-wage jobs then we have to support the businesses that create them.’ ‘A fairer spread of health, wealth and life chances. That really would summarise what I’m in politics to achieve. I think we still live in a … Read more

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Why I’m Voting Green

Kieran Garrard

Continuing our series of opinion pieces around the Election on May the 7th where people we know and respect tell us who they are going to be voting for, Kieran Garrard, scouser, Liverpool fan and currently studying a Masters in International Relations and Security tells us why he is going to be voting Green… Why … Read more

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