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An ode to the Indie Disco

I was driving to work when it happened. It came on and boom! It hit me. You! Me! Dancing! by Los Campanisos. Do do do do do do de de de de de do. Suddenly it all came flooding back.

Putting my best FCUK shirt on. Topman trilby. Ripped jeans and pointy shoes. Windows media player on shuffle. Too much aftershave. Little Man Tate. Joy Division. The Smiths. A can of super Strongbow. Razorlight. The Rat. Mates straightening their hair. One pouring an aftershock. The Cribs.

The taxi’s here. Off to the indie disco. I miss the innocence of the indie disco.

Few £1 bottles of Carlsberg in The Jac to get going. Well worn songs on the Jukebox. Fit girl in the corner. Miles Kane lighting her fag.

Off to the indie disco. I miss the innocence of the indie disco. There was so much hope. So much possibility in those dark basements. The dark days were gone. 

No one could dance. Jigging and jolting to Jet. Pretty girls in polka dots. Brown brogues.

Smoking inside. A snog. Stacey. Sarah. Put your number in my phone. What’s your email? I’ll add you on MSN.

Digital camera dropped on the floor. Dancing. You. Me. Dancing. 

Are you coming home with me?

The boy looked at Johnny. I looked at Johnny. Snogging Sarah.

Ten new messages on my phone.

We’re still all smiles. You were happy at the indie disco. We were happy at the indie disco. Not yet tainted by the darker side of partying. 6am finishes and black BMWs. 

Time for home. Often alone. Sometimes not.

22 two grand job.

Waking up to tales of the night before. Comparing notes. And names. Scrolling through photos. Stacey. Sarah. Singing. Snogging. 

The Indie Disco. I miss the Indie Disco.


To celebrate the 00s Indie Disco we asked our good friend and a DJ who sound tracked so many of those nights The Mighty Mo Stewart to put together a special Spotify playlist. You can catch Mo getting dance floors moving across Liverpool in the likes of La’Go, Camp & Furnace, Motel and The Shipping Forecast.




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