Can Idris Elba save Superdry?

Those that know me well know that I despise Superdry. For me it is the epitome of generic, unimaginative and everyday high street fashion. Meaningless garish oriental characters splashed across dull and cheap looking coats worn by Barratt home residing, middle management types who watch top gear. Tedious hoodies worn by that bloke at University who always wanted to play beer pong and listened to Foo Fighters. Things have got so bad for them that you even see Superdry sported by your friendly smack head these days. It won’t be long before you see it in Sports Direct.

So it was with some surprise that I discovered that the understated, functional but stylish looking menswear that I stumbled across in this month’s Esquire was in fact Superdry. And not just any Superdry but the new collection designed (supposedly) and championed by Luther himself, Idris Elba. 


The collection is dominated by serious and stylish dark greys, charcoal and navy without an idiotic meaningless motif in sight. Chunky knits  and heavy doubled breasted outwear is what you would expect from Luther himself and this Idris Elba collection is no different. Superdry can’t resist the inclusion of a hoodie but it is very much the quieter cousin of their usual family with no bright colours, the collections signature IE branding on the front and a lack of neck ties in the hood making for an interesting twist.

What really sets this collection apart form the usual Superdry fare is the use of high end materials, with nubuck leathers, cashmere and organic cotton. But is Idris going to save Superdry all on his own? Well this collection is certainly a step in the right direction for the brand and it has come at the right time, with them on the edge of a precipice about to plunge to their death along with the likes of Lyle & Scott and Sergio Tacchini.

Alas, it is not going to be enough for me to even consider buying an item of Superdry, it might just thaw my icey hatred of them slightly.

The collection is exclusive to Superdry so if you do want to take a look, visit their website.



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