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My Picks for the Party Season

Whether we like it or not the Christmas party season is nearly upon us. That time where we traipse round city centres in Primark Christmas jumpers, drink too many Jagerbombs and try (probably fail) to get off with someone. Well if you want to avoid succumbing the usual Santa themed shitfest you can at least start by trying to look good.

If you do actually want that attractive new girl in the office to pay you some attention, and dare I say it even get off with you, then start by avoiding being one of the short sleeve shirt and novelty tie wankers. On that note, anything “novelty” is a no no. Including a Christmas jumper. Save that for the charity Christmas jumper day, if you really must.

So what should I be wearing you sanctimonious twat I hear you cry? Well here are some of my picks of decent party wear…

Super Slim Fit Jacquard Suit

Every bloke looks good in a suit, or at least they should if they get it right. Try a slight twist on formal dinner wear with this super slim fit Jacquard evening wear…

M&S Party Suit

Burgundy Crepe Skinny Fit Tuxedo

In a similar vein, this Burgundy skinny fit tuxedo from Topman is a nice alternative take on evening wear…


Autograph Pure Cotton Tailored Velvet Jacket

I’ve favoured a velvet jacket before for Christmas parties, and this two button pure cotton one from Autograph at M&S is sublime. There is just something perfectly festive about a velvet jacket without straying into the realms of cheese or novelty.


Premium Skinny Fit Tuxedo

If you do stick to something really safe but equally as sophisticated then it’s hard to go wrong with the Tux from Topman…


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