Just a couple of reasons I love FC St. Pauli…

There are many reasons I love FC St. Pauli of Hamburg… the area itself being one of them, that’s before you even consider the club. But on opening their most recent newsletter to my Inbox, within seconds I had read a couple of stories that made me love them even more, the sort of stories you won’t find in the e-bulletins of most big corporate football clubs these days…

The Christmas Table at The Millentorplatz

Today around 1,000 people responded to an invitation from FC St. Pauli for the needy to come to the open ballroom of the south stand to be fed, enjoy drinks and receive warm clothing.

Fc St. Pauli Christmas Table

Hospital Visit

It’s something that a lot of clubs do, the mandatory Christmas hospital visit… so it’s no surprise that 8 FC St. Pauli players recently visited the Children’s Hospital at University Hospital Eppendorf (UKE).

FC St. Pauli hospital visit

Finally… Captain Fabian Boll visits not-for-profit CAFEE WITH HEART

FC St. Pauli captain Fabian Boll visited a non-fot-profit CAFEE and help centre for the needy, which is supported by Kiez Helden the social support arm of the club. CAFEE with heart helps up to 500 people on a daily basis with free food, medicine and clothing.

cafee with heart

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