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LAZY v GENIUS – 180414

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LAZY Vs GENIUS is back... and this week, unlike most, we have more GENIUS than we do LAZY...


Tory councillor Barbara Driver - what a horrible human being.

Hay fever - summer is nearly here! And so are streaming eyes, sneezing, blotchy skin and itching.

Heartbleed Virus - apparently the worst thing to happen to the internet and our online privacy, ever. Have any of us actually done anything about it though? Have we fuck. Change your password by adding a different number on the end - like we always do.

Prince George - just sounds like a bit of a dick already doesn't he?

Tinder - losing it's appeal? Or are we just losing ours here at Lazy Genius!


Bubba Watson - can't help like the guy.

Sunshine - got to love it, even with the hay fever.

Spring Offensive - Drake Cover (One of our favourite bands blow us away... again.)

Banksy - he get's knocked, but we love his new work.

Easter - forget Jesus and chocolate eggs, we're all about a 4 day weekend.



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Mix of the Week – 150414

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This week's Mix is a beast, brought to you by Liverpool's Mr. Paul, live from The Peacock this Friday just gone. It features Mr. Paul, Sam and Harry Shehan (Abandon Silence) back2back...





Mix of the Week – 120414

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Our Mix of the Week feature returns, and in line with our love of supporting all things new, off-beat and grass roots this week's mix comes from a young Liverpool musician and producer who we've known for a few years, both through his days playing with The Temps to his more recent solo forays.

So without further ado, have a listen to this sublime little Techno mix from Paul Grant...

April Techno by Paul Grant on Mixcloud


Liverpool Music Week Returns in 2014

Posted by Lazy Genius

Here at Lazy Genius we have quite an affection and connection with Liverpool Music Week and therefore it is was with great excitement and fondness that we met the news today that the premier FREE metropolitan music festival in Liverpool will return this year for its 10th anniversary.

One of our earliest and most enjoyable musical memories of Liverpool was discovering the mesmerising and downright mental Dog Show at Bumper, one of LMW's first host venues, some years ago. It was then during our time promoting at MOJO in Liverpool that we had the pleasure of working with Liverpool Music Week and its head honcho Mike Deane.

So we are very pleased to see it back this year. Announced via their Twitter account earlier today, dates and line up are yet to be announced... but keep a close eye on developments!

Liverpool Music Week 2014





Posted by Lazy Genius

Lazy Genius as of 2014 has been non-existent, due to the work and life commitments of its founder... however, we felt that the release of the debut album from one of our favourite new bands and a band that we have followed for the last 5 years or so warranted us to awaken.

Young Animal Hearts by Oxford's SPRING OFFENSIVE was released today. We were lucky enough to receive a copy a couple of weeks ago after happily contributing to their Pledge Campaign. We instantly fell in love with it. But as if there was any doubt that we wouldn't... it features Lazy Genius favourites The River and Not Drowning, But Waving, alongside another 9 sublime, rousing, heartbreaking and breathtaking tunes.

'This will be their year' gets bandied about too much, but here at Lazy Genius we genuinely hope it is. Of all the bands we've loved, supported and in the case of SPRING OFFENSIVE even put on, there are very few more deserving of success and critical acclaim.

We'll stop short of a full album review, for now, but instead simply urge you to go out and buy it... it's brilliant.

Young Animal Hearts - BUY NOW


Work Drugs – Never Gonna Be Alone on Christmas

Posted by Lazy Genius

Work Drugs are a band that we came across a long time ago, back when they were a little known outfit peddling their sunshine dripped surf shoe-gaze low-fi (anyone wanna play hipster music genre bingo?!) round the internet. With well over 100k Likes on Facebook, they're doing pretty well for themselves these days, and we're rather please to see it! Further more we just absolutely love their Christmas tune...


Merry Christmas 2013

Posted by Lazy Genius

It's been a quiet year for Lazy Genius all in all, but we've enjoyed contributions from our the wonderful Emily Jane & we've started to dip our toes into the world of clubbing, Techno, Minimal & Deep House as well as keeping our feet firmly in the world of alternative & indie.

So we'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from all involved at Lazy Genius. And I think the best way to do that would be the Christmas tune from our band of 2013.... PEACE.


Just a couple of reasons I love FC St. Pauli…

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There are many reasons I love FC St. Pauli of Hamburg... the area itself being one of them, that's before you even consider the club. But on opening their most recent newsletter to my Inbox, within seconds I had read a couple of stories that made me love them even more, the sort of stories you won't find in the e-bulletins of most big corporate football clubs these days...

The Christmas Table at The Millentorplatz

Today around 1,000 people responded to an invitation from FC St. Pauli for the needy to come to the open ballroom of the south stand to be fed, enjoy drinks and receive warm clothing.

Fc St. Pauli Christmas Table

Hospital Visit

It's something that a lot of clubs do, the mandatory Christmas hospital visit... so it's no surprise that 8 FC St. Pauli players recently visited the Children's Hospital at University Hospital Eppendorf (UKE).

FC St. Pauli hospital visit

Finally... Captain Fabian Boll visits not-for-profit CAFEE WITH HEART

FC St. Pauli captain Fabian Boll visited a non-fot-profit CAFEE and help centre for the needy, which is supported by Kiez Helden the social support arm of the club. CAFEE with heart helps up to 500 people on a daily basis with free food, medicine and clothing.

cafee with heart

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Oliver Huntemann presents – Five Years of Ideal Audio

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One of our favourite German pedallers of Techno Oliver Huntemann presents 5ünf, five years of his Hamburg based label Ideal Audio. Released at the end of November digitally and physically the collection has been receiving rave reviews. It includes brand new and exclusive material as well as old favourites and features label newcomers dubspeeka from Bristol, Remain & Electric Rescue from Paris, and Soel & Jonni Darkko from Rome.

Get a taste of it below or buy it HERE


F. O. E. S : Live Review

Posted by Emily JP

Shipping Forecast
21 / 09 / 13

"Every band Joe's in has been amazing," somebody says of F.O.E.S' lead guitarist as we patiently wait for the support to take to the stage. It's comments such as this, alongside the growing online buzz around local band F.O.E.S, that has everybody so excited for their debut live show.

As the Shipping Forecast starts to fill up, Mancunian two-piece Bad Grammar bravely begins to play. Ben (vocals, lead guitar) explains that his Strat was stolen that afternoon on Parr Street, but this misfortune does not cloud his performance - the young duo produce enough sound to rival a whole orchestra with their version of punk-infused quirk-riddled pop. Ben's enthusiasm is contagious as he prances around the stage and into the audience, exercising a powerful voice. More impressive still is sidekick Lucy's effortless execution on the drumkit; it is mentioned more than once that you just don't see this level of talent in female drummers, and without wanting to sound misogynistic, I have to agree. Lucy is an inspiration to female musicians world-over.
The general consensus is that Bad Grammar gave an invigorating show. With one well-penned single, the charming and refreshing pair could really make a name for themselves.

Soon the stage seems to be swarming with attractive bearded men dressed entirely in black, and at last F.O.E.S are ready to play live for the first time. The mysterious 4-piece that I've heard so much about are already kicking about on Soundcloud, where their brand new single is available for download FOR FREE as of yesterday, but F.O.E.S (or Fall of Every Sparrow- I think it's biblical?) have never even performed together in front of a paying audience. The atmosphere is understandably heavy with anticipation.

As the band launch stoically into "Ruin Lies In The Bow & The Sword", it's immediately clear what all the buzz was about. Each of these young tattooed musicians are overwhelmingly talented in their own right, and come together with powerful chemistry to give a tight, flawless performance. Chris Mackrill's unique tenor is showcased alongside heavier backing vocals from Joe (lead guitar), Josh (bass) and James (drums), but does not try to outshine the cinematic blend of heavy rock that has already invoked comparisons to Deftones and Smashing Pumpkins. If anything, Mackrill's mic (through no fault of his own) could be a little louder.

As the set continues, it's apparent how ready the band are for this. They are well-rehearsed to the point of making the whole thing look effortless, even under the blistering heat of the lights in Shipping Forecast's crammed basement. F.O.E.S execute as many poignant, tender moments as expertly as they manage the massive riffs and metal-infused instrumentals, with perfect timing and style.
The penultimate song of a 7-set show, "Sewn To The Sail & Unknown", indulges further in the band's penchant for splendidly verbacious song titles; the band's debut single, released just yesterday, is more than worthy of the audience's enormously enthusiastic reception.

F.O.E.S wrap up the night with arguably the best song of the set, "The First Rook to Flee When The Thunder Rolls In", securing their role as Liverpool's best new rock band. Original, professional and blindingly powerful, Fall Of Every Sparrow are already too big for the Shipping Forecast. Frankly unmissable.

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