Mix of the Month – July


For our mix of the month for July we’ve gone for an absolute legend and always one of the heroes of Ibiza… Carl Cox. Not getting out there ourselves yet this summer, when the first week of his residency at Space landed in our inbox from his Global show it signalled the start of the … Read more

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Summer Wardrobe – The Races


In the 2nd installment of my Summer Wardrobe series I thought I’d take a look at dressing for a day at the races. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to enjoy a little jolly to Newbury races with some good friends and as well as some first class racing on display, there was … Read more

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A Champagne Socialist And Proud


The term ‘champagne socialist’ gets bandied about a lot. Mainly as a negative slur levelled at affluent, well off or privileged people who dare to show any sign of compassion for their fellow man or a passion for equality and fairness. The slur is often thrown by other well off, privileged people who haven’t got … Read more

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Bandito Rey – Interview

Bandito Rey2

Bandito Rey are a Liverpool based band you should know about and if you don’t, you soon will. Boasting significant pedigree from Liverpool’s band scene over the last ten years they are quietly building momentum and critical acclaim by concentrating on what matters. The music. Ahead of their special single launch show this month, we … Read more

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The nature of money and debt


The Greek crisis has highlighted how little we as a society understand the nature of money and debt. There have been constant cries from commentators about how Greece borrowed money and therefore they must repay their debts. It is seen to be incumbent upon them: a measure of social responsibility; an obligation they are morally … Read more

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Mix of the Month – June


Our mix of the month for June comes from one of our all time favourite DJs and producers. He is the man that pretty much got us into Techno (via his tour manager!) A real godfather of Techno is still manages to fly a little bit under the radar, and he rarely puts put podcasts … Read more

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A Few thoughts on ‘wealth creation’, inequality, and the Labour leadership


Andy Burnham: ‘Labour must always champion wealth creation, and show we understand that if we want high-skill, high-wage jobs then we have to support the businesses that create them.’ ‘A fairer spread of health, wealth and life chances. That really would summarise what I’m in politics to achieve. I think we still live in a … Read more

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Mix of the Month – May

In line with our policy of promoting the up and coming our Mix of the Month for May comes from Bristol based @harrietmasters with a really lovely and brilliantly constructed little Funk, Soul & Disco mix, only the 3rd Mix that she has online. Have a listen and check out her MixCloud… I’m holding on for her … Read more

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Summer Wardrobe – Hamburg


I’ve been meaning to put together a few collections of clobber that I like the look of for this summer. I’ve got a busy summer ahead including a couple of Ibiza trips, a week by the pool in Spain, Newbury Races and Love Saves The Day festival so I’m going to need a decent wardrobe … Read more

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Why I’m Voting Lib Dem


In a continuation of our recent opinion series leading up to the election, Guy Austin tell us why he will be voting Liberal Democrat on the 7th of May 2015… I’m voting Lib Dem.  It’s a fudge, a compromise.  I’d prefer to spoil my ballot paper given what’s on offer, but, I know that if … Read more

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